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Friday, May 06, 2005

Battery needs jump starting

I am having trouble doing. Anything. Things.

I thought it was because I don't want to go back to the never ending report. It could be that. But it feels like a sort of general apathy, malaise, a sleepy attention deficit disorder.

I don't want to read, write, plan, clean, eat, sleep, stay awake, work anything. Last night I went to bed dressed, because I could not be bothered moving. (Later in the night I woke uncomfortable and changed so I am not that bad a slob!)

I think it's because I have survived (nearly) two months of Finland Academy and now I want a really big sleep and rest. Instead I have a 4 page to do list before I get a 3 week holiday (but still have to write social care papers).

I know that tonight I will do nothing, the list will get longer and by Sunday night I will be hysterical with panic over what has to be done both work and house and life wise...



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