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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Stop the dog

Ruff Ruff Yap yap.

I am sure that the neighbours had a dog from the day I moved in here. Ruff Ruff Yap yap. Or at least they owned a sticker that said "Mr Fireman, please save my dog in the event of an emergency". Ruff Ruff Yap yap.

But lately, the dog has been barking a lot. Ruff Ruff Yap yap. Since the dog, and it's clearly deaf owner, occupy the flat next to elevator, there are a lot of things for the dog to bark at. Ruff Ruff Yap yap.

Sometimes when there is nothing audible to the human ear, the dog is barking. Ruff Ruff Yap yap. And it's not a hearty woof woof. It's a small dog annoying high pitched whining yap yap. Ruff Ruff Yap yap.

And the RSPCA better get here real quick or I am going to be waiting outside that neighbour's front door with a heavy based frying pan for when that dog comes out for a night time pee. Ruff Ruff Yap yap.

I am considering putting dog biscuits through the letter box to give the pooch something to chew on rather than bark about. Ruff Ruff Yap yap.

Sorry about all the "Ruff Ruff Yap yap" but you need to know how painful this is.

If cats ruled the world, it would be a better place.
Ruff Ruff ya- smack.


Blogger greensatya said...

I think the barking of the dog was quite'infectious' and has caught upon you as well. :-p. Ruff Ruff yap yap.....he he he...

3:11 pm  

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