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Saturday, February 25, 2006

My 101

Things to do before I die...

  1. Admit I’m wrong
  2. Be happy in small things
  3. Be moved by music
  4. Be reunited with something from my past
  5. Be satisfied
  6. Be someone’s best friend
  7. Become debt free
  8. Change career
  9. Climb a mountain and a volcano
  10. Contest a classic rally
  11. Cook something new, successfully for someone I care about
  12. Cry in a movie
  13. Cycle through the Netherlands
  14. Dance in a piazza in Rome
  15. Dance when there is no music
  16. Discover a new Afghanistan
  17. Do aid work in a developing nation
  18. Drink spritz before 10am in Venice
  19. Eat at a restaurant with no prices on the menu
  20. Eat my way through Italy
  21. Explore former Yugoslavia
  22. Explore my Malaysian heritage
  23. Explore the Middle East and South America
  24. Fall and stay in love
  25. Find peace
  26. Find peace and understanding with my parents
  27. Fish in the ice
  28. Get a hair cut in a completely different style
  29. Get married
  30. Go out wearing no underwear
  31. Go to a concert and classic recital
  32. Go to Carnevale in Venice or Cadiz in dress
  33. Go to Petra
  34. Go to the opera in Verona
  35. Go to war and write about it
  36. Go up the Eiffel tower
  37. Grow my own successful business
  38. Have a cellar of vintage Veuve
  39. Have a crush on someone
  40. Have a huge dinner party with all my friends (flying in those overseas)
  41. Have a picnic somewhere isolated
  42. Have a place I call home
  43. Have no regrets
  44. Experience weightlessness
  45. Keep a diary
  46. Kiss in the rain
  47. Know myself and like myself
  48. Laugh at nothing special
  49. Learn something about my family
  50. Learn to drive
  51. Live in France
  52. Live in the world’s great cities: London, Paris, Istanbul.
  53. Live in Turkey
  54. Look at the stars from the desert
  55. Look for Noah's Ark
  56. Make love outdoors
  57. Make someone happy
  58. Morocco Hitch
  59. Not care if it's Christmas
  60. Own many cats
  61. Own my own humble house
  62. Own or run a guest house
  63. Own sexy underwear
  64. Play in the snow – build a snow man
  65. Publish or print my favourite photos
  66. Quit a job I don’t like
  67. Raise a child
  68. Raise goats
  69. Read more history and journalism
  70. Repay everyone for all their kindness and generosity
  71. Save a life - Give blood
  72. Say I’m sorry
  73. Seduce someone
  74. See the pyramids and Sphinx
  75. See world rallying become the sport it should be
  76. Send an anonymous valentine
  77. Swim in freezing sea
  78. Swim in the deep ocean
  79. Swim with sharks
  80. Tackle fears
  81. Take the "trans Siberian" train
  82. Talk to a stranger you like the look of
  83. Talk to someone “my West” has made suffer
  84. Teach people
  85. Explore my birth country
  86. Travel odd islands like the Falklands, the Hebrides and the Aland Archipelago
  87. Travel on impulse
  88. Treat my mum to a holiday
  89. Understand my faith
  90. Visit old Armenian churches
  91. Visit one country in all continents - including Antarctica
  92. Walk in a rainforest
  93. Walk on a frozen sea
  94. Watch a Grand Prix, preferably in Italy
  95. Watch the Palio di Siena
  96. Watch the sunrise over a desert
  97. Watch the sunset into the sea
  98. Work at Everest Base camp clearing rubbish
  99. Work with Australian aboriginals
  100. Write a book and write poetry
  101. Speak another language


Blogger alan said...

hope you will realise all 101...can offer you 19 and 36...

5:49 pm  

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