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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Festive considerations

It's three days since Vappu Eve and I can't be compelled to write anything.

Okay so the whole hat waving thing didn't inspire me on the 30th... the 1st... a nice day with new friends... a lot of funny strangers.

I'm over it already, even if my muscles aren't. I think I'm getting old.

I'm more excited that I made new friends on Vappu eve who have invited me over to dinner and read my Blog, I have achieved closure on a certain part of my life, I finally did the dishes, I met a new going out friend from Wales, I started a new book on East Germany which is fascinating and soon I get to go to Turkey and play baby sitter for a few days.

Wow, I am getting old. I can hear 30 beckoning, knocking on my door. Or maybe I've just been to enough big loud drinking places that I'm over it.


Blogger greensatya said...

Good to hear that you are making friends and moving ahead in life otherwise Finland is way too cold!!

7:32 pm  

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