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Saturday, January 04, 2003

Postcard from Zagreb

I'm sitting in an internet cafe, typing very slowly trying to use keys that don't look like æžš by accident instead of the usual alphabet characters.

Tonight is our last night in Croatia after 16 ish days of beautiful seas, friendly people and gorgeous countyside. The different keyboard has been as difficult as this trip got.

That's not to say it hasn't been challenging... there were moments en route to Slovenia where we pondered the wisdom of shortbreaking in a place where we didn't know the language, currency and other basics. There were moments when we thought we could no more handle a menu listing "grill, black risotto and omelette" and we've tortured ourselves by detailing our favourite meals instead. And there have been plenty of times when we would have given anything in the world for some double ply toilet roll!

But this has been an incredible trip for loads of reasons, and I recommend Croatia, and certainly LLubjlana, Slovenia to anyone who can spell it.

I've also learned loads about myself thanks to my first adventure travelling with someone - and someone so important to me as Adrian. Why didn't any of you point out what a difficult thing I was before hand!!!

I've amassed a shocking total of seven rolls of film so I won't bore any one with a slide show ... so long as you bribe me with double ply loo roll.

Adrian and Rowena's photos from Croatia and Slovenia