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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Finn Things to look forward to #102

Strong man and woman competition: Because you never know when you need to carry a roll of cable or a truck part with your bare hands.

Wife carrying: Does what it says on the tin. Apparently the history stems from:
"the 19th century, when a dodgy bandit known as Ronkainen started a trend of raiding outlying Finnish villages by night, grabbing wives from men's beds as they slept and running off with them into the hills."

Air guitar world championships: An internationally renowned event.

Sauna world championships: Yet to work out if the winner is based on how long you can endure or how how it can go. I love this quote from the history "
Problems and mixed emotions, however, arose when the innocent people coming to the swimming hall suddenly noticed being in the middle of a competition - in the hottest spot of the sauna." and these rules "In men´s swimsuit the length of the trouser leg must be under 200 millimeters (measured from the middle seam of the trousers). The width of the women´s swimsuits sleeves must be under 50 millimeters and there can be no collars in the swimsuits. The organizer gives more detailed directions about the lenght of the swimsuits sleeves (women) and trouser legs (women and men)."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget the mobile phone hurling competition! - arabella

3:21 pm  
Anonymous sim said...

Also, the swamp soccer tournament should not be forgotten either :)

7:35 pm  

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