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Thursday, August 11, 2005

48 hours to eat

I will be in the Uk 48 hours. Will I be able to eat and drink at all these places...?

Gastro at Clapham Common for real French food without leaving the country or paying a fortune.

Buona Sera at the Jam. The best Italian, best value, best service combination especially for Sloane Square. Features bunk bed style tables with your own lighting controls. You only want to be on top, to make people eat at your feet and the waitress climb up the ladders.

Happy Hour cocktails at the Langley. Several White Russians, some Yeah Baby's, Kir Royals, Bellinis, Pink Panthers accompanied by fish finger sandwiches and hot dogs, while you sit on leather suites.

Alberto by day serving English breakfast by the number and greasy cups of tea, spaghetti and roasts as comfort food lunches and as the restaurant Pernella, fabulous Italian food by night. Alberto dances and kisses you as you dine regardless of the hour.

Sausage rolls and sauce at the West Cornwall Pasty Co. I defy anyone to walk past and not stop.

Millies Cookies. However many you buy, they will convince you of an upgrade to buy more. Soft, warm and addictive.

Yellow curry at the Pepper Tree, Earlsfield. It's quick and easy Thai on the way home.

Hearty breakfast at Smiths of Smithfields amongst the meat market bustle. Even Jamie Oliver eats here.

The apricots filled with cream and pistachio from Gallipoli in Angel.

Elbow to elbow scoffing mutton and potatoes in the Afghan Kitchen, Islington.

Moro. Okay a little pricey but a taste sensation.

Toasted goats cheese while playing Baby Foot in Cafe Kick, Clerkenwell.

A tapas frenzy over the barrels at Meson los Barriles, Spitalfields. I'll leave intoxicated on wine and stuffed on the dried hams hanging from the ceilings.

I have been craving chicken katso curry for so long. Straight to Wagamamas.

Tartuf in Islington so I can roll up the Alsatian pizza and lick the oil from my wrists as it drips. So many options, such little time. Apparently it's now closed though... Has a new one opened up?

I'll exercise in Australia.


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Agree that is Moro is pricey for what it is, though the food is good. Review here:

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