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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Postcard from Mexico

Writing this from a town called Acolman which has two streets several dogs and strangely a lot of Asian style pedalos and a convent. It´s the type of place where dogs languish in the sun and bicycle wheels spin discarded by the front door of shops, their owners are teenage boys buying brightly coloured gum on the way home from school.

Not sure why I was here but after climbing the mighty pyramid of the sun - third highest in the world and possibly the only one you can actually climb - I needed something not touristy. If I am lucky and brave and siesta ends by the time I leave the net cafe I might try a road side taco... hmmm.

I climbed the pyramid with Harri´s mechanics, quite by choice. It was hard going in the thin air. Really the altitude not the frijoles and tortillas for breakfast!

This morning I explored some scattered ruins in the centre of DF (Mexico City) Not sure the ancient ruins of this kind do it for me, sure they might have invented the concrete like mixture to hold together their volcanic rocks for their buildings and that´s very clever but it still looks like concrete to me!

The centre of the historic part of town was really buzzing with everything for sale including young women. It felt quite safe but then I have only explored four streets of the world´s largest city!

Really feel like some company tonight after the social aspects of the rally and there are some people coming back to DF tonight so might see where they are and what they are up to. If not, there are some cafes on the 4 streets I have discovered! I moved from the Holiday Inn to the Hotel Canada which is more where locals stay and half the price.

At the moment some kind of Santana music is playing and I realised I danced to it the other night against my protests. I think I will have to buy a CD.

Photos from Mexico