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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Everything goes full circle

The horrible horrible no-end-in-sight work has come back into my in box with some revisions.

Which makes it status never-ending, which is further than no-end-in-sight.

Only lst week, I thought, "if... I ...can... just... get ...this... done..." like a wounded soldier dragging their fallen body to safety. And I did and celebrated with Anzac day and Vappu and a lot of fun. And forgot all about it.

But now it's back. A vicious nasty circle with teeth. A boring circle talking endlessly of social care. A circle marked red with author's notes. A circle of cross referenced contents pages, appendixes and headings that don't stop...

In today's other circle, a friend of mine that I have been trying to train in the art of the "call back".
Me: Want to go out for coffee?
They: I'll let you know
Months later, they realise they didn't. So today after an intense period of call back instructions, no call back.

Just when you think you are getting somewhere.

I think today, I should have gone to Estonia.


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