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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Into the kitchen woman

Cooking makes me feel good

It has been days, nearly weeks, since I have cooked, which says something of my mood. I love to cook. I love the smell of onions on my hands, of garlic in a pan, of butter melting. I love the sound of frying and bubbling. I like the whiff from a roast when the oven door has been opened. I like it more if I remember to move my face away before getting my skin blown off my the heat.

Cooking for one requires some motivation.

On Vappu, I woke up with needs. I made rice salad for 20. "Eat eat" I cried, like an old Italian mamma. "Food is love," and I piled plates and packed containers for people to take to work for tomorrow's lunch.

When my invoices are paid and I am a fully cashed up member of society again, I am going to cook for everyone I know and anyone who has ever helped me. Pots of coconut creamy chicken curry, tomato soup and bolognese from scratch, real Mexican guacamole, picnic style fried chicken, creamy wholegrain mustard sauces, mint and lemon chick pea salads, zingy fruity lamb cuisines. I'm going to make my own hollandaise sauce and invite people for breakfast. I'll show Finns what bangers really are and when the bbq outside is clear I'll bring out the steak. I'm going to pop wine drunk chickens in the oven, I'm going to pierce the fat of lamb with garlic, rub sea salt over it's surface and smother it and me in rosemary. I will find the best mozarella, the best asparagus, the best produce Finland has. I'm even going to cook beef rendang from scratch, well maybe.

There will be a meal for every bill translated, for every Finland tip given, for every smile received, I'll give Aussie style hamburgers...

Can someone please do the dishes?


Blogger greensatya said...

Damn,I couldn't be more hungry.I am eagerly waiting for the day to come lol!!Oh my,coconut creamy chicken curry & roasted lamb with garlic..there can't be anything better :).
Dishes can be taken care later,:-p.

9:56 pm  
Blogger Rowena GoLightly said...

Yesterday I got ordered to do something about the mould on my dirty dishes. (as per Bachelor Pad post earlier!) I did. But the dirty dishes are back again!

10:02 pm  
Anonymous Sami said...

Sounds delicious. It's not good to read these kinds of posts before lunch..

And hey, I'll do the dishes for tasting even half of that stuff! ;)

11:16 am  

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