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Saturday, April 22, 2006

I want your money

Exercise is clearly my thing...
Most of you know that I escape up to Oxford most weekends, to be spoilt by the elusive Shelly, and to cuddle one very cute 18 month old baby ... What most of you don't know is that said cute baby, Jacinta Tania, is the namesake of one of Shelly's friends who died of cancer a few years ago.

For all the things that Shelly has done for me over the years, and for all the friends and colleagues who are literally dropping like flies with various forms of cancer, I am running (yes really) the Race for Life in July.

It's only five kms, but for those of you who have seen me try and push my bike around the flatscape of Finland or struggle to make it to Level one of the Sheraton, then you know that five kms is more than enough! So, we don't need sympathy, I don't need training schedules - but I do want your money.

You can pledge a few pounds at my personal sponsorship webpage and I promise to never beg for your cash again. It'll take less than five minutes to sponsor me, and then you can go back to looking important as you stare at your inbox, but this time with a smug grin for actually having done something important... Thank you.

Rowena-I don't even run for buses-Harding.


Blogger Venitha said...

Good for you for doing something constructive with the frustration of losing friends to cancer. If I can run 5km, anyone can. =)

3:59 am  

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