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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Finn Things to look forward to #101

From a website posting on Finnish traditions...

"Which brings us to the most popular sport of Midsummer, that is drowning. Every year, there is a competition; how many people manage to die by drowning at Midsummer. There are many ways to go. One way is first to drink a lot of alcohol, take a very hot sauna bath, and run out into the icy lake. Then you get a cramp, a heart attack, or a stroke. If you don't, you must swim into the opposite shore, some two miles away. Of course you can do it! All that booze you've been drinking keeps you warm and gives you the strength."

Well that's one way to put it.

I think I'll wear my water wings during Midsummer.


Blogger greensatya said...

Confused !! that's what I am feeling right now. Have your blog got infected by some Finnish bug ? The posts in your blog seems to be popping from everywhere, the regular ones, then I take a look at arhive and suddenly I can see Feb,2004 and August,2004. Then I was seeing the archive of this month and a new post.

It might be my careless navigation across your blog,will devote an hour and read all the posts, so that next time I am not confused. :)

10:58 am  
Blogger Rowena GoLightly said...

Archive: that's old posts right... so they are from Feb and August 2004. These are old writings that I am putting up so they don't get lost on back of envelopes for ever. You don't have to read them!

11:10 am  
Blogger greensatya said...

Ok,actually I was thinking they were there and I missed them earlier.
Blame it on my lack of grey matter(HTML), I thought that there is no way to put old posts in blog.

But why not to read them?,they all are so very interesting reading stuff.

11:15 am  
Blogger Rowena GoLightly said...

You will be tested on the subject material in this blog at the end of the course!

2:58 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A little late to the party..
The list is incomplete as it clearly lacks getting drunk, going on the lake on a rowboat not wearing a lifejacket, and doing stupid things.
The classic is standing up to urinate.

8:59 pm  

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