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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Where am I and do you care?!

Hello. You may remember me from episodes of your life such as "Perth Girls Are Easy", "Five Go Mad in England" and "Ikea Almhult: The Final Frontier"

Apparently a lot of people think I have been knocked over by a bus in Ethiopia, or abducted by aliens. Close, I've been in Australia for six weeks, which involves a similar process of having your mind altered.

For those of you who want proof of living status, excuses for where I've been or are genuinely sweet enough to be interested, I have decided to join the legions of Travellers Who Send Group Emails.

If this is too much to bear, press the delete button above. Otherwise read on...

2004: The Year in Stunted Syllable Review
January: Monte Carlo darhling. It was here I learnt how far a good French push up bra can get you. Later, to Brest (the town, rather than a pair of) and I join the French Marines.

February: Carnevale in Venice. Plastic bags on foot to fend off aqua alta, we revelled with the tourist masses and the costumed.

March: Mexico. I learn chocolate doesn't go with chicken but pina colada goes with everything. Especially breakfast.

April: France. We explored the Somme, and Aussie-liberated towns and went home with heavy hearts.

May: Cyprus. I cross the green line and make friends with soldiers.

June: Turkey. Hot hot hot. I avoid bombs and get tanned. Fran moves out. Sniff.

July: Dad visits London. Adrian goes to Middle East. I stay in one country.

August: Finland. I fall in love with the country and kick an Olympic gymnast from his home. Italy: We (Adrian and I, not the gymnast) sing Opera in Verona. Germany: I get covered in mud.

September: Japan blows my senses and expectations. I decide I like kimonos. And finally I get an airline upgrade. Wales: Swansea brings me back to reality.

October: Sardinia, a gorgeous sunny clear-sea surpise and not a small fish in sight. Australia: the journey home.

November: Australia and more wine than even can I handle in Margaret River.

December: Paris, for more car racing. We move to Bloxham, Oxon and Rowena spends her first of 60 days in Finland.

Yes for those of you who have made it this far, Adrian is working for Prodrive and heading to the genteel Cotswolds, and I am spending a woolly winter in Finland just because I can.