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Friday, April 22, 2005

My favourite links

A lot of people ask me where I find the things I find on the internet. True I have a lot of search time now, but not always. Apparently the phrase is to be good at google fu. Apparently I am a black belt in the modern art of google fu. So here are a few of my favourite things, which will be added to over time.

Conde nast traveller
Glam Travel and excellent restaurant picks. Can download to a pda via Avantgo. Annoying pop up ads.
The gist of the guides free. Even better is its message board, below.
The thorntree message board
Ask a local or a traveller anything about anywhere.
Third party internet booking for travel
Checks who flies where. Varying results but good for low costs and seeing at a glance what dates are cheaper to fly.
World airport codes
For working out exactly where CDG and LAX are.
Orange pin
A virtual pin up board to show where you've been. Relies on cookies to remember where your pins are.
Know how safe it is where you are going with Australia's DFAT travel advisories.
Some back up advice from the English foreign and commonwealth office.
Tell mum where you are going
Online registration for Aussies heading away.
Tips for sleeping in airports
Because we've all had to do it.
Takes the mickey out of those dreadful airline safety cards. Over 18 only.
The man in seat61
This man is a god. Go anywhere in the world by train.
Climate Care
You've gone away, you've screwed up the environment. Now make up for it by donating money to charity to compensate for your carbon emissions. Just one of several sites.
A list of dangerous places
If you're worried about the blood transfusion you might need while away.


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Good compilation of links. Very helpful.

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