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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A little browner and greasier

If I could have rolled myself in olive oil today and then baked myself to a golden bronze then I would have.

I came fairly close - Over lunch I managed to pour olive oil over my bread, hands, table cloth, table, bread basket, napkin (you get the picture) so that the proprietor came out, made a lot of tutting noises and presented me with a plate (which I think should have been standard anyway... )

I also copped a bit of sun tan by wrapping myself in my cheap and easy pink sun dress, which managed to fall open whenever I sat down to gelati, aperol, campari and particularly came undone when I leapt out of the taxi in front of the Junior World Rally Champion...

Summary of the day's observations:
  • Kinder Surprise makes a fabulous gelati flavour
  • My boss is terrified of lizards and bats so I make a good body guard, because our hotel is populated by both.
  • Intimissi, home of fabulous low cut underwear, has a store in Olbia
  • Poppy seeds make a great addition to ricotta ravioli, even if you do spend the rest of the day picking them out of your teeth...
  • I'm pretty lousy wielding an olive oil bottle but my boss makes more of a mess with Malaga and chocolate flavoured gelati
  • Four star hotels aren't always functional and don't always care about it
  • Olbian taxi drivers make a small fortune - they charge 20+ euro to take you five kms. But if you order a cab and do a runner on them with another before waiting for your booked cab to arrive, then they'll call your mobile incessantly to abuse you.
  • Our hotel door doesn't close so we'll probably be mauled in the night as our villa is lonely-perched atop a hill and no one will hear us scream
  • You should never eat a McD's sausage and egg McMuffin before a flight no matter how hungry you are...
More un-fascinating stuff tomorrow after I baste my underside.


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